Recent Victories


Gandy v. FedEx Freight and Jeffrey Russell, Orange County, Florida, Case No.: 05-CA-2032

Verdict: For the Defendants (-0-)

A rear-end collision with a tractor-trailer in which the defense admitted liability and convinced the jury that the plaintiff was not injured as a result of the accident, at all. Verdict Form


Daniels v. Viscomi Hansard, et al., Flagler County, Florida, Case No.: 03-624-CA

Final Judgment entered on behalf of client, Viscomi-Hansard, Inc. (-0-)

Both a construction defects case and a personal injury claim combined as a result of alleged mold infestation in to the plaintiff’s home. The defense was able to raise fraud on the part of the plaintiff, and strike the significant medical witnesses under a Frye and Daubert analysis, and once so done, the plaintiff withdrew the personal injury claim for fear the cross-examination would be too damaging. Once done, the defense convinced the court that no other relationship existed upon which the claim could be brought, and the court entered a Final Judgment for the defense. Verdict Form


Studemire v. Mason Dixon, Inc. et, al., Duval County, Florida, Case No.: 16-2007-CA-006885

Verdict: For the Defendants (-0-)

A case in which a tractor-trailer ran into the plaintiff at a checkpoint for a shipping company at a marine terminal. Even without an eyewitness, the defense proved the plaintiff actually caused the accident through inattention. Verdict Form


Doll v. Hannah Truck Lines, Inc. et, al., Middle District of Florida, Case No.: 3:08-CV-909-J-34JRK

Verdict: For the Defendants (-0-)

A tractor-trailer rear-ended plaintiff’s car stopped at railroad tracks. The defense admitted liability, and, successfully convinced a jury the plaintiff was not injured as a result of the accident. Verdict Form


Mayra Diaz, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Y. Diaz v. Fed Ex Freight, et al., Orange County, Florida, Case No.: 07-CA-10897

Verdict: For the Defendants (-0-)

A wrongful death claim by a motorcyclist who alleged the tractor-trailer impeded his right-of-way in an intersection. The defense proved the motorcyclist’s negligent handling of the bike caused the accident. (It should be noted that Mr. Fernandez is a motorcycle rider himself with extensive experience on motorcycles.) Verdict Form